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True Zero features Aminotin™; an innovative amino cell rebuild technology that has been specially formulated to penetrate the hair providing health, protection, manageability and long-term conditioning for all hair types. 

Aminotin works as a combination of amino acids, keratin, acetic acid and other proprietary ingredients which remain a trade secret. The mechanism by which Aminotin works is unlike traditional hair straightening, where disulfide bonds are broken with ingredients such as Sodium Hydroxide. Breaking disulfide bonds is a relatively simple process. The problem lies in that reforming all of the bonds is not easy, and the process of breaking bonds is always very rough on the hair. The chemical reaction to break the bonds is very aggressive.  

Aminotin works by bending and softening the bonds, without ever breaking them. This leads to a more natural and gentler process that doesn’t damage the hair. The proof that Aminotin doesn’t break any bonds is that the process doesn’t release any sulfur, an easily detectable odor, and the texture of the hair is smooth instead of rough.  

The combination of amino acids, keratin and acetic acid works synergistically. All three components work together in the right proportion to lower the pH of the product without making it irritating to the scalp. The acidity of the product softens the disulfide bonds and helps to seal the cuticle. The amino acids and keratins bond to the outside of the hair shaft, filling in gaps to make hair smoother and softer.

Using Aloe Vera and Argan Oil this system effectively deposits amino acids and Vitamins to the hair smoothing away the frizz while adding luminous shine for up to three months.

Use with the Super Sleek pre-treatment spray and the Super Sleek post treatment masque for best results.

0% Formaldehyde released Before, During, or After the Treatment.


IDEAL FOR: All Hair Types, Coloured Hair, Bleached Hair, Reducing Frizz, Brittle Hair, Protecting from Sun and Heat Damage. Repelling Humidity. Split Ends. 

THE RESULT: Bouncy, youthful hair that glistens with shine and health.