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Detox your hair and scalp with the TrueKeratin Clarifying Shampoo. Carefully formulated to remove product buildup and residues from the scalp and hair leaving you feeling invigorated and energised. Hair build-up can be caused by product residue, environmental factors, chlorine, chemicals and even waxes or moisturisers from shampoos and conditioners. This build up can cause hair to appear dull, heavy, greasy and limp. Our special formula combines soothing Organic Aloe Vera with Grapefruit to deeply cleanse and refresh your hair without striping it of natural oils, leaving your locks delightfully clean.

Created to be used in order to prepare the hair for a TrueKeratin treatment. Use with the Super Sleek treatment masque as an intensive mini Keratin treatment every few weeks to help keep your hair looking healthy and full of vitality. It's also great for using prior to colouring your hair, as it removes build-up allowing you to achieve even and more vibrant results. 

IDEAL FOR: Preparing the hair for a TrueKeratin Smoothing Treatment, Removing product Build-up, After Swimming, Removing Chlorine & Chemicals, Before Colouring hair, Curly Hair, Coloured Hair, Severely Damaged Hair, Fizzy Hair, Brittle Hair, Greasy Hair.

THE RESULT: Revitalised, balanced, fresh hair that is delightfully clean and ready to better accept a Keratin treatment, hair colour and intensive treatment masques.