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Invigorating and extreme this True Keratin smoothing system has been formulated exclusively with Acai Berries.  These little purple berries have the best combination of mineral and amino acids to help strengthen hair. Rich in protein, Vitamins A, B1, E and C, omega-6 and omega 9, fatty acids, fibers and enzymes making them the ideal accompaniment to a True Keratin smoothing treatment. A rich powerhouse of antioxidants rejuvenates your hair, reducing frizz and improving hair colour and leaving your hair vibrant, glossy and super sleek.

The original True Keratin professional salon smoothing system infuses natural keratin deep into hair’s cuticle. This revolutionary treatment dramatically reduces frizz and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and lustier to the hair. Hair becomes easy to manage, sleeker, smoother and easier to style than ever before.

It works by reducing the ridged elastic modulus in the hair, effectively making it more flexible, without breaking any hair bonds. This effect causes the hair to become softer, smoother and relaxes natural curls. Developed specifically to protect and restore the hair back to it’s youthful state True Keratin seals the keratin deep into the hair’s cuticles to rebuild each strand from the inside out, promote healing in the cortex, block the effects of humidity and protect from harmful UV rays, pollutants, chemical treatments and any damage caused from heat styling. Thus enabling hair to better withstand heat, make hair less prone to breakage and improving the physical health, giving your hair overall better manageability. The more you use True Keratin products and treatments in your hair, the healthier it becomes.

As this is a natural hair treatment and contains no harsh chemicals, it is perfect for use on resilient hair, severely curly or damaged hair including colored hair. Results typically last 3 to 5 months depending on hair type.


IDEAL FOR: Coloured Hair, Severely Damaged Hair. Unmanageable hair, Fizzy Hair, , Brittle Hair. Intense hydration. Protecting from Sun and Heat Damage. Repelling Humidity. Split Ends. 

THE RESULT: Vibrant, shiny and straighter hair instantly. Reduces styling and drying time by up to 90%.