It’s winter time again! Everyone loves the cosy cold winter evenings staying in snuggling on the sofa with a delicious hot chocolate, but for your poor hair it’s a nightmare. Just starting to recover from the summer sun, sea and you know what damage, the cold starts to draw in it bringing a whole new set of hair problems for your luscious locks.
Wind, rain and generally all of winter’s harsh elements affect both your skin and your hair. If you notice your skin a bit dry the first thing you do is reach for the moisturiser, unfortunately for your hair it often gets neglected! If you start to pay it a little bit more attention over the winter months, it will be kinder to you when you are battling the windswept look or step out into the rain after a fresh blow-dry. Take note of the below tips, give your hair a special treat this winter and reap the benefits all year round.

Yes we all want the luscious long glistering hair that we have been exposed to throughout the summer, but honestly the single most important thing you can do for your hair is a good trim every now and then. Split ends are not a good look and after the dry summer heat your hair will be crying out for a good cut. Remember your hair will grow quicker if it is healthier! Start off the winter season by going to the salon for a trim, or why not go that bit further and have a whole new winter style?

As the harsh winds battle hair stripping hair of its natural oils use good professional hair oil daily to replenish moisture especially at the ends. Simply pump once into your hands rub your hands together and smooth through your hair focusing on the ends. The TrueKeratin Moroccan Miracle Hair Serum is a perfect choice; with added keratin it will create a “damage limitation” barrier to your hair as well as starting to repair your hair cuticles from the inside out.  It is also provides humidity resistance allowing your hair to stay tame, smooth and sleek. 

Use a decent clarifying shampoo to remove product build-up and residues from your hair and scalp. Hair build-up on hair is caused by basically any hair products, pollution, chlorine and bad washing habits.  It can make your hair look dull, greasy and lifeless. A carefully formulated professional clarifying shampoo will deep cleanse your hair without removing the hairs natural oils leaving it invigorated and fresh. 

Use a hair mask once a week for much needed TLC. Not only will this give you an excuse to cancel going out to watch the x-factor or to catch up on strictly. Your hair will be nourished from root to tip. Use the TrueKeratin Super Sleek + Treatment mask for a mini hair makeover at home. 

Not only will your mother give out to you, but the cold hair and moisture in your hair can actually make hair brittle and damaged. 

No one will notice, create a simple up-style and job done. Try to cut down your washing hair to maximum 2-3 times a week, to help your hair retain its natural oils and moisture better. Tip: to hide hair from looking greasy just wash your fringe and style your hair into a messy bun.

There is nothing worse for already dry and brittle hair than another bleaching colour. Stick to the warm tones, like a nice chocolate or mahogany. You’ll be styled for the season and your hair will be grateful. 

Straighteners, or flat irons however you like to call them are our generation’s greatest creation. A simple, quick and easy way to persuade your locks into appearing sleek and smooth. But before you reach for your electrical styling guru, please remember to use a heat protection spray. Unfortunately their one design flaw is daily use can lead to split ends, breakages and damaged hair. Although your hair might appear straight and sleek it will be thirst quenched and generally unhappy. You can easily prevent this by using a heat protection spray. Spray at a distance of 30cm and comb though the hair with a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute though the hair prior to any heat styling. The TrueKeratin Miracle Leave-in Mist is your go to product for heat protection. It is so lightweight it can be used on even the finest hair without weighing it down or leaving it looking greasy. It creates a defensive shield over your hair to protect from heat and the environment as well as being an amazing detangler! 

It is imperative that you are using a good brush for your hair type. Brushing is an important part of haircare that will ultimately result in the condition and appearance texture of your hair. Traditional natural-bristle brushes are great for all hair types; they are super soft and help to smooth your hairs natural oils all the way to the ends. Ceramic radial brushes are fantastic for heat styling, use them to add volume and shape easily as they retain heat on the barrel of the brush reducing styling times. However, they have been known to cause too much tension for fine/severely damaged hair. Vent brushes are also a great option, they are gentle and with rubber tipped bristles, they glide through the hair effortlessly. The vents are added to the back of the brush to allow air and moisture to pass through, again for quicker styling results We have found the best option to be a new detangling brush, these are plastic and look similar to a horse brush! Designed specifically to detangle hair easily without causing any breakage these are fantastic for use on wet hair or children’s hair as well. 

I know this is an investment, but it is also one that you will love. Come on you and your hair deserve a treat! Go to your salon and have a TrueKeratin professional smoothing treatment. Your hair will be so easy to manage; you’ll save hours in styling time. It will look amazing come rain, shine, wind or snow. Not only will your new super sleek glossy hair, which withstands humidity and lasts up to four months. You will have you use less styling and heat products on your hair. To find your local TrueKeratin salon or to find out more information call 0203 3939993.

  • Nov 03, 2014
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